AQSIQ,China CCC,CCC Mark,CCC Certificate,CCC,UL,CB,3C,CQC,CE,China GB Standard,Chinese GB Standard in English
AQSIQ,China CCC,CCC Mark,CCC Certificate,CCC,UL,CB,3C,CQC,CE,China GB Standard,Chinese GB Standard in English
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AQSIQ Suspended 31 Registration Numbers

Latest CCC Product Catalogue with 433 HS Codes
(version May 2008)

Go, Go To China - the biggest market in the world.

We, the US office of China Compulsory Certification Online Service Centre, are providing you the Authoritative, Professional, Easiest and Fastest CCC, CQC, UL, CB, CE and FCC certification, AQSIQ registration and other China import regulatory services in the world.

Why are we authoritative? Because:

  • We are the biggest service provider for CCC, CQC, UL, CB, CE, FCC and other related certification services in China.
  • We belong to CQC which has been designated by CNCA for CCC Product Certification, and are subordinate to AQSIQ.
  • We have established long-term and permanent networks and relationship with Chinese government authorities, including both central and local governments, like AQSIQ, CNCA, CQC, CIQ, etc.
  • All information we have here officially comes from Chinese government authorities.
  • We are proud to be recommended by the Department of Commerce in United States for AQSIQ application.
  • We are proud to be cited by WTO as the source of Products Subject to China Compulsory Certification on Page 283 of "Appendix tables" which is part of Secretariat report of WTO Trade Policy Review: CHINA 2006.
  • We are proud to be recommended by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs as the important source of CCC marking.

How professional are we?

  • We own several authorized CCC/CQC laboratories in China.
  • Our engineers have been certified and experienced in CCC, CQC, UL, CB, CE, FCC and other certifications.
  • Our specialists provide fluent English/Chinese bilingual support to our customers in the world.
  • Our experts have experiences in AQSIQ registration application and we have many co-operations with AQSIQ as well.

What benefits will you get? By choosing us,

  • you will SAVE huge money to travel between your country and China;
  • you will SAVE a lot of money to hire the translators who're specialized and professional in the regulations and laws of China;
  • you will also SAVE a lot of time to seek for the right guidelines and get into the right directions;
  • you will enter the Biggest Market with 1.3 Billion Potential Consumers in the world.

What services do we provide?

  • AQSIQ Registration: Oversea waste materials/scrap and cotton suppliers are required to register in AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) before any import into China. more...
  • CCC Certification: China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) is required for any products covered in the "First Catalogue of Products Subject to Compulsory Certification". more...
  • CQC Certification: China Quality Certificate (CQC) is recommended for those products not covered by the catalogue. more...
  • Other China Import Regulatory Services: We provide other China import regulatory services for your import into China, like China GB Standards, China RoHS, China Food Packaging, China SFDA, China MII, China SARFT, China CRCC, China MPS and CCCF, etc. more...


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