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China Feed Product Certification

In order to regulate the feed production, improve the quality of feed products and farther to safeguard the people's food security and hygiene, CNCA (China National Accreditation Administration) collaborated with Agriculture Ministry of PRC to push out the China feed products certification. China Feed Product Certification is a voluntary product certification system promoted by the nation with uniform certification standard, uniform technical criterion, uniform conformity assessment procedure, and uniform certification mark. The certified enterprises may apply to the Feed Administration Management Department for updating The Grant No. of the feed products with no more testing or inspection, on the basis of the feed product certificates.

China Feed Product Certification refers to the activities that an application may submitted voluntarily by the enterprise and the Certification Body shall assess the conformity of the products of the feed and feed additives and the product manufacture process, according to the relevant standards or technical criterion. The certified object involved in China Feed Product Certification is including the feed products, such as pure feed, feed pre-mixed with additives, enriched feed, formula feed and supplementary materials to concentrated feed etc., and the additive products such as the nutritional feed additives and the common feed additives.

According to the uniform arrangement of CNCA, CQC organized the work for Feed Certification actively. We established the CQC Feed Products Certification System on the basis of the requirements of The Administration Regulations for China Feed Certification and The Implementation Rules for China Feed Product Certification, while having broad active communication with the feed manufacturer, the government administration department, the scientific research universities and the industry association. Up to now, more than 30 enterprises have submitted the application of China Feed Product Certification to CQC, and 10 among them have gotten the certificates.

In addition, applying for China Feed Product Certification could benefit the enterprises for strengthening the quality management of feed production and safeguarding the animals' products safety; approving the reputation of the enterprises' products safety quality and increasing the product competitiveness in the markets.

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