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CQC Furniture Products Certification

CQC Furniture Products Certification

Through the CQC furniture product certification, the enterprise may be allowed to label the products with relevant mark, which could show that the enterprise can produce the green furniture that is green designed, green produced, green packed and green sold. It could absolutely bring to the enterprise the benefits as follows.

  • The certificates hold the high value and keep the same pace with International Certification.

CQC furniture product certification fully considers consumers' personal health and comfortableness. Basing on the testing standards and fully considering the ergonomics element, CQC Environmental Product Certification enhances the limit index of the quantity of harmful substance. The technology requirements keep the same pace with the international similar product certification, which greatly improving the value of the certificates.

  • Cooperate with the compulsory standard carried out newly by nation "The Sixth Part in the explanation of consumable use: furniture"

Having obtained CQC Furniture Product Certification, the CQC Mark of the furniture Product certification may be printed in the instruction for use, which could help the enterprises to build up a green image in consumer's mind and strengthen consumer's trust and acceptance to the furniture.

  • Build up the green brand, raise competitiveness of products in the markets

Through the CQC Furniture Product Certification, it's meant that the products have good environmental protection performance and obtain a green passport to the markets, which can raise the popularity and competitiveness of the products' brand and the products market occupation rate, help the enterprise to achieve the benefits of economic, social and environment in unified way.

  • Lower the cost of products

CQC Furniture Product Certification encourage enterprises to develop and manufacture the friendly products to environment, greatly reduce the cost of manufacture and management and the products risk that enterprises need to undertake at the same time, by these measures of using resources, reducing the wastes and cycling-use rationally.

  • Realize the persistent development of enterprise

Through CQC Furniture Product Certification, it's manifested that the enterprise has made a long-term promise for improving environmental quality, which is accord with the persistent development strategy of the country and helpful to the development of enterprise.

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