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CQC Ecotypic Textile Certification

1. The standard of testing that certification adopts is advanced. CQC ecotypic textile certification directly adopts Oeko-Tex100 standards of The International Oeko-Tex Association, and chooses the international universal certification model. Not only provides the competitiveness charge and facilitating process, but also directly embodies the certification standard in the certificates, which could make the enterprises have strong identification efficacy in international trade and domestic market.

2. Through the CQC ecotypic textile certification, the CQC Mark of ecotypic textile certification can be labeled to the certified textile, which not only cites the efforts of the enterprises, but also contributes to consumer's choosing and purchasing at the same time. CQC ecotypic textile product certification will be paid attention and supported more and more by the certified manufacturers, the venders and the consumers.

3. Through CQC ecotypic textile certification, it could provide a good opportunity for the enterprise to have more space for the existence and development on domestic or international markets, and show a good image to the society that is safe to human, with sustainable development mode and the lofty taste. And in trade and business negotiation with the clients, the certified enterprise could get enough trust from the clients, and could promote the invisible assets of the enterprise and bring more new business opportunity for the enterprise.

4. Through the CQC ecotypic textile certification, it could promote enterprises to use new green textile raw materials, new dyeing or melting materials and technology, use the equipment of higher efficiency and lower energy consumption, then continuously improve the production level in order to achieve the aim of lower consumption, lower polluting and higher efficiency, break through The Green Trade Barrier for the products and create a wider development space for entering the international market.

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